Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sophie is napping!

OH what to do!!  Should I read, sew, eat, clean, do laundry??  I know I SHOULD do something productive, but all I want to do is lay down too.  Does everyone else get giddy when nap time nears?  And then I get frantic when I know I only have about 20 min. left before she wakes up.
What do mamma's do when their babies sleep?


  1. Hi Prudence,
    Thank you so much for sharing on my blog today. I understand the hurt and anger than comes when we lose someone. My husband's dad died of cancer a little over a year ago and it shook our faith too. I just watched the most amazing video should check it out at

  2. Hi there...I love your cute bags, so darling! Well, I say Mommies should take a bit of a nap too, it helps so much! I saw your comment on Becky's blog and I can relate, I lost 2 brothers to cancer. One would have been 50 the day od his funeral and the other 53. It's never easy, I miss them still but I KNOW I will be with them again in the next life...I'm so glad that families are forever! Good luck with this new blog..Come say hi :D


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