Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Lollibag's

So I've been working on just "a few more bags" for the show on Thursday night.  I always do this, even though I don't have time, I just want "a few more bags".  Because by all means, would if I sell out and there are none?
I have a little tip too, I'm really not a tip girl, and most likely any tip I give will have been discovered long ago and it's really not a tip anymore.......... but I'll say it anyway.

This is one of my new Lollibag's.  It is made from all vintage fabric.  The bag is a vintage drape. And the flower is vintage white cotton, that was pristine, spotless when I cut the strips and hemmed them, and gathered them by machine and then by hand.  So when I was sewing on the strips, I was taken back, yes taken back, I really was...... by the INK SPOT, or so I assume it was a tiny ink spot. 
Had my 17 year old son walked past with a pen in hand while it was hanging over the back of my sewing chair????
He was doing homework while I was sewing, I don't know.  But said strip was already sewn on the bag.  The bag almost done, and how do you get ink out anyway?
I had found a tiny hand crocheted flower that I was going to use to decorate a bag anyway, so I thought, why not sew it over the tiny black spot, on my flower?

Good idea Prudy!  Can you even tell in the above picture where it is?

Well there you go. This has turned out to be my most favorite Lollibag that I have made in the last couple weeks.  It is in my new size.  I think the flower on the flower is cute!

And here are a couple more Lollibags.  One more in the new size and two little lolli's.

I had some left over brown fabric from last fall, I know it's not exactly a spring color.  But I have found out that people's taste's are all different.  Lollibag's that I thought would never sell, have sold the quickest.  And some of my favorites are still with me.  Does that mean I have bad taste? 
I don't think so, I think everyone likes their own style and we are all different.

Have a great week!  Oh it's supposed to be sunny on Saturday, keep praying!  If you missed yesterday's post, we have people flying in from California to look at the farm on Saturday!  I'm not getting my hopes up, no I'm not.

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  1. so super cute..do you sell these? found you via the tip junkie!!

  2. Love the cute flower on the flower!!! Super cute lolli's!!=)


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