Monday, April 25, 2011

Waiting for Summer

I am longing for warm weather.  This year, the rain is just hanging on and lingering, it is so unwelcome.  So when there is ONE nice day in the midst of 6 days of rain, I have to celebrate.

It was so nice on Saturday, I said to the girls......Girls, lets go play by the river!  And that is what we did.

We packed up some snacks and drinks and started off walking.  Dad was already down there, so he came to pick us up in the Ranger.

But not before we walked down through the Christmas trees.

Our first stop was at "the beach".  Sometimes the boys camp out here with their tents.  They build a fire and fish  for their dinner.

A view up the McKenzie River.  It is so beautiful and such a clean river.

The girls have a lot of fun playing here at the beach, they usually take sticks and draw in the mud.  They just run around, finding sticks and rocks.  Who knew it could be so much fun to find a stick??

Then we move up river to our "bench spot".   Hubby brought my rocking bench down here and made me some tables from a tree that went down.  I love to bring a book down here and read while the girls play.  It is so relaxing just staring at the river and listening to it too.  It is so much better in person, I wish you could come and sit with me.

The view down river from where we just were.

I love the river rock.  We have brought tons of it up to put in our yard.  If you follow the McKenzie River east it is the most beautiful site.  There are places where the river dries up and the whole river bed is huge river rock!  I love to take that drive, it is absolutely breathtaking.  There are so many places in Oregon I still have yet to see.

The boys rode up, thumbs up kid, is Nic's friend Kenny.  Nic is in the middle and Josh is on the right.

Sophie ran up and down, up and down, up and down, so many times I lost track.  She would yell, GO, GO, GO! 

There are lots of fishermen on the river.

We took the scenic route back up to the house and saw the new baby cows, soaking up the sun.

I didn't want to go back to the house, but the girls were excited to color easter eggs.  I could have sat down in the sun for hours.  So back, we went.
Please pray for sun on Saturday, we have people flying in from California to see the farm!  They want to walk the property and that is no fun in the rain.
Thanks friends, I know you will.

Have a great week!

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