Wednesday, April 20, 2011

lunch, a new book and a....fight at Costco

My new book arrived today, it's Ted Dekker's latest novel.  I can't wait to get lost in it!
This is what I have for lunch


My version of Jeans Salad:
spring mix
red peppers
red onions
balsamic vinagrette

Okay, so the  croutons are a grain, but I've cut so far back, I actually am seeing results!!!
My migraine was very mild this month.
And I've been much less irritable and grouchy, hubby even noticed!
So far.....almost grain free/sugar free has been getting results.
I still am waiting for more huge results, so will keep at it!

So here's my ........Costco sitch....
I came out of Costco today and pushed my cart, with Sophie in it, around a car waiting up front.  Then I noticed an old man standing to the left of it facing the drivers side window.  So I had to go between the man and the car to get to my car.  I pull up by the drivers side window, and notice it is rolled down and the driver, is YELLING and CURSING up a storm to the old man standing.

So I stop my cart with myself in between these two old men and I give the driver a dirty look and I said..... HEY!  Like you would say to your kids when they are being moron's.  He gets more mad and SHOVES his car into park and opens the door and gets out, my cart is in the way, so he goes around it.
But I head him off and shove my cart in his path so he can't move.  He then goes around it again.
So I walk in between him and the other old man again and I put both my hands up to stop him, (cuz he looks as though he is ready to pummel the other old man) and I say, STOP! 
I say, You can't do this!!
He keeps trying to have at the other guy and I keep stopping him.  So finally he says to me, well I was just giving him a hard time. (I'm sure this went much faster in real time, it felt pretty slow)
UM, ya right!
The other old guy who just stood there not really knowing what the heck was going on, he said in his defense.... I'm a cripple!
ha ha, that was kinda funny...

So I walk away and notice 3-4 people just watching and I am thinking........
Incredible!  Incredible that people, some are men, are watching me stop this fight, while my 3 year old is in the cart, and we are standing in the flow of traffic in front of Costco!

I ask you.... where are the good humans??
Where are people who are willing to help, who will come to the aid of an elderly person?
I don't know where they are.  They certianly don't go to Costco.
In all my life I have NEVER seen people act the way they do in the Costco parking lot.  I've heard it's notorious for fights.  Why?

I did have to chuckle though, I really could have taken the old man out, if he didn't back down.  But still, no one knew if I knew this old man or if he was going to stop, I was physically stopping him from going after this other man, and all I got were gaukers!

I think a Costco gift card is in order, don't you???


  1. Yes! A gift card for sure... It's hard to understand people sometimes! Lucky for that gentleman that you were there!

  2. Well, people are hard to get=)...and you did such the right thing mama bear!! Love your salad...glad your migraine was less yucky!
    Happy Easter, and that book looks good, I can't put his books down-!!

  3. Good grief, sound like the kind of things I come across... ;^)


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