Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Vintage Memories from Childhood

The other day I sat down to watch the 1979 movie Kramer vs. Kramer.  Remember that?  Of course I was only 7 when it came out, but I do remember seeing it on TV before.  One part in the movie, the dad takes his son to the grocery store and you can see all the vintage products on the shelves, ooooohhhh I loved that!!

So that got me on another search for vintage products from our childhood.  Remember these products?  Well I found a few more things..........

Here is what your mom's grocery cart may have looked like.  Love this!  Maybe you got to go to McDonalds after grocery shopping.

And get a happy meal.  Back then McDonalds had the purple character, what was it's name?  And Hamburglar.  Also, I remember every year at St. Patricks Day my mom would get my sister and I, shamrock shakes.  They still have them, I should have gotten one this year, shoot.

Remember what the McDonald's high chairs used to look like?

I think those are much more fun, rather than what they have now.  So what kinds of cleaning and household products did your mom buy?  My mom always had Comet around.

That is probably why I use it.  She always cleaned the toilets with it and the kitchen sink.  Hmmmm, I don't clean my toilets with it, but I do clean my kitchen sink with it.

Maybe your kitchen looked something like this?  I'm so sorry if it did....Mine looked a bit like this, we had the super dark cabinets.

Did you bathroom look like this?  Have mercy, what were they thinking back then?  When I was 5 we lived in a house on Yakima Street and the bathroom in that house was black and yellow, a mustardy yellow.  The counters were black with gold streaks in them.  My mom had the wrought iron towels bars.

Maybe your house was decorated more like this?  It is a tad better, but not by much...

Did you eat Quisp cereal?  I vaguely remember this stuff.  We ate alot of peanut butter.

Some products now are going back to their vintage packaging.  I LOVE THAT!  Some cereals are and Doritos has for a little while.  It really is good marketing, because it makes me want to buy that product!

Whatever happened to this lipgloss?  Was this more in the 80's?  I remember buying this at Woolworth's.  Woolworth's isn't around anymore is it?

Did you have a speak and spell?  I think I did, I remember playing with one, but not sure if it was mine or a friends.

Now THIS is what I always wanted to have.  I never did get one.  Maybe that is why my girls have had so many doll houses.

Did your mom get you Tupperware toys?  I loved these!! 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE... vintage Tupperware!  I see it at thrift stores like goodwill, but I will admit, I have a hard time buying it, because I just feel like it's to full of cooties.  I do shop at goodwill and get clothes there too, I don't know why, I just can't get myself to buy the Tupperware, but I will wear the clothes, weird.........  Look at the salt and pepper shaker in the picture, love that!

What are some of the products your mom used to buy?  Are they still around?


  1. Sadly, my kitchen still looks like that....

    Funny you should mention the toy Tupperware. I just found my cake taker in the attic the other and took it down to wash it. To bad i lost the strap, but I guess since it's a toy that was bound to happen.


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