Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yesterday morning the sun came out!  I said to Sophie.... should we go out today?  She agreed.  We went to the thrift shop and here is what we found....

I love vintage 100% cotton sheets.  Not the synthetic cotton, these are the real deal, crisp, clean, 100% cotton.  I found this stack of them!  And a couple of pink towels, yes I washed them on the sanitary cycle.

I also found a couple 2010 House Beautiful magazines for .50 each and a vintage coloring book for Sophie.  A new sundress for Portia too, for only $2.47.

So in my quest for a sugar free, grain free, dairy free (sort of), caffine free life..............I found this herbal coffee.  No caffine, no acid, it's really yummy!  And LOOK, coconut milk coffee creamer!!  It's so yummy I can't even believe I'm sacrificing real coffee and creamer!  It's also a good way to get off caffine, you just add in more and more herbal coffee everyday till that all your drinking.  Make it in your regular coffee maker.

Look at these luscious cupcakes.  Ok these are full of all things bad, would you like the recipe?  Maybe on Friday!

I found these pictures on my camera.............

That was my favorite find of the day.  The weather has turned against me, I woke up today to a forcast of SNOW for tomorrow!  Oh I hope it's not true, it's maddening. Lord, please send spring.

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  1. I am blown away by HERBAL COFFEE! When I started going through severe anxiety attacks...I completely stopped drinking coffee. The good news is it worked. The bad news is I miss coffee something dreadful! I love that you shared this. Is it expensive? Love ya girl!


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