Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Extreme Couponing......hahaha!!

Oh boy am I in trouble!  I just saw this show last night on TLC called Extreme Couponing.
Of course I was instantly attracted, like a moth to a flame.

If I want to do something and I feel like I am incapable of doing it, this is a bad thing.
Because then I start to go after it to prove to myself I can do it.

Which is why I have been baking alot lately.  No cupcakes I make from scratch , seem to turn out, but they did yesterday!!!  Chocolate/coffee cupcake with cream filling and coffee icing..mmmm I'll share them on a food friday :)

Now there is no way I will be dumpster diving for coupons or spending 60 hrs a week online hunting them down................yes that's what the people on the show did!

But to quote my best friend, "I've got a bee in my bonnet" now and I will be looking into some new couponing techniques.

Some of the shopping trips from the show:
$1,175.00 of groceries for

Over $5,000.00 of groceries
for around $200.00.

Over $600.00 of groceries for

To me that is amazing!  I was watching and thinking.....
hey if they can do it, then so can I!
And.........wouldn't it be great to save that much money!!

Most of the people had EXTREME stockpiles of food and toiletries, I don't want to do that.
But with 7 people in my household I could use some money saving techniques.

My mom never clipped coupons, I don't think my sister does.
I do, but it's never much of a savings.

But the other day I did save $29 at Target in coupons!!
And that gave me such a good feeling!

Tell me what you do to save money at groceries and stores like Target.
Do you clip coupons?
What are some good online sites?

I do go to but there has to be more.
Today I will research!!


So far I have found really good printable coupons at
I did find a coupon site that won't allow you to link up to it. 
But they charge $9.95 per year and you can choose to have them clip coupons too and mail them to you.  That service costs 10% of the coupon value plus .75 for shipping.
One of the extreme couponers from the show last night, uses that site. 
I am contemplating it.  It's an annual fee.  I'm sure it's worth it, we'll see.
Let me know what you guys found if anything!


  1. If you find a simple way to savings, let me know. Coupons are all right, but it always seems such a hassle to try to track down the right ones (you know, for the products/brands you actually buy), keep track of what store which coupon goes to, etc... yes, I may by wimpy, but my head starts spinning trying to figure out coupons, lol... please do share your finds. =)

  2. Hi sweet friend...good for go girl! I use to have a little coupon file...but I always forgot about it. I think I need some lessons and tips from you. Those savings are amazing. oxxoxo

    Hugs my dear friend. xo

  3. Sounds like you have your challenge in front of you, good luck!
    Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful week

  4. I seen this show... it was amazing the amount of money those people saved!! Wowza! The problem I have around here is we have no places that do double coupons. That is where the savings seems to really add up. I don't know why stores around here don't double? Bummer! :)


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