Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm already miserable

I have a headache, a stomach ache, crabby, the day is looking dismal.
Pretty bland without my latte with milk in the morning, or a cookie.
I can make it till about 3pm and then what to snack on.... a carrot stick?

For some reason my beloved coconut milk ice cream and coconut flakes are giving me tummy aches.
What is that?
Coconut milk ice cream literally has coconut milk and agave nectar.
You can pry that from my cold dead hands.
Can I do this for 3 weeks?
Not looking promising but you can rest assured I won't lie to ya, I'll let you know if I screw up.

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  1. pcos...what do the initials stand for?..I have been back reading and I must have missed that.
    My husband has just been diagnosed with food intolerance to dairy eggs & almonds. So starting on tuesday we have began a new chapter in our baking life. He never gains weight (i never loose!). I was so happy to see your recipe for cookies. I will try these without the coch chips (till I find some without milk..maybe semi sweet will work???)
    Anyway I am thinking of you and will continue to follow your blog to see how this all works out!
    Anyway great blog so happy for your little one asking Jesus into her heart!


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