Monday, March 28, 2011

It's the little things

You may think that it's the BIG things that are grand, that leave a lasting impression, that happiness clings only to those occasions.
Maybe that tropical vacation you know will change your life, if you could ever go on it.  Or if only your husband would make a grand gesture and proclaim his undying love in a letter or daily swoon over you.  Maybe an exceptional child who becomes a doctor....... And I know those things would be terribly nice, but really,  hopes pinned to the grand things make you miss the sweetest tiny things.

I forget who was over the other day, maybe it was my "showing" that finally showed up, but I was sitting on the sofa and little Sophie was standing behind me, her arms wrapped around my neck.  She was like a sweet garland of grace.  She whispered in my ear..... oohh I lub you mom... .... and kissed my neck, all the while making affectionate noises, like you would do as you are seeing a precious little puppy.  I wanted to reach around and grab her and return the favor, but I was listening to an adult talking to me, and I knew if I did scoop up my little girl I would have shed a tear for how precious she is.  And I kick myself thinking about it, forget manners, I should have done it, who cares about an adult going on and on about themselves, my little girl was showing true love!

And then you have the day that is not going so well, you know, one thing after another, it seems to become a way of life.  I went to pick up  my migraine medicine at Target, got home, changed, got comfy, started to do my "home stuff", went to put away my medicine.....thought it felt a bit light, checked the box, only 2 of the 6 tablets were in the box!  OH no, I had to drive back.
I wasn't too happy, but I got in the car and put in one of my favorite CD's and I drove slow and listened to some  hymn's sung by Selah.  Fairest Lord Jesus, Beautiful Terrible Cross, My Jesus I Love Thee, I Have Decided.........Instead of getting madder that I had to waste time and gas money driving back to the store, I listened to words of peace and God's love and was reminded of all my Saviour has done for me. 

I rested.

Then I got to the store and they were so sorry, they gave me two $3 coupons to use off my next visit to Target.  That may not seem like something to celebrate, but to me it was!
The little things.

Who doesn't love the sunshine?  It is warm, bright, healing, it is happiness in a ray.  In Oregon after it rains all winter and your spirit is so low and hopeless that the weather will ever change, there it is, the sun will peek out and oh the JOY!
Who would have thought a tiny ray of sunshine would bring such extreme happiness.  It's the best in the springtime, when you are longing for warm, dreaming of summer, you think you will just die if a warm day doesn't show up soon.  It's like filling up your gas tank (only for free).  If only the sun would come out for a few hours you could make it till June.

Is this a secret I'm just discovering?  Or have I known it all along, only to get sidetracked with so much bad news, bad moods, bad circumstances and rain that I just cannot see clearly for a while, really till I dig myself out?  I think that must be it, I've always known it's the little things, but there are times when they are easy to see and times when I am lost and it takes a great effort to find them.

These little things are staying with me longer too, I will think of them days later.  I think of Sophie hugging me and it still makes me smile.  Last week I woke up to see my hubby going out to get the Sunday paper for me, see he never used to do that, and I complained about it and now he does that for me, every rainy Sunday.... that is what makes me feel loved.

And I am still over the moon that my little girls accepted Jesus as their Saviour last week, but that is not little that is HUGE.
I wish for you to have a little thing brighten your day!


  1. What a heartfelt and sincere post. Thank you. You have brightened my day.


  2. Prudy, I love seeing your heart and your honesty. It is so beautiful.


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