Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Could you?

I love free stuff.
One day I was online and I saw that I could get a free book.
Well I love books, I love to read and I love free.

So I requested my free copy of
Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand.
Honestly I haven't read it yet, but I did also request to receive The Voice of the Martyrs monthly newsletter.
From reading that I am astonished by the amount of persecution going on in the world today.
Christians being tortured and killed for Christ.

And the question has haunted me......Could I die for Christ?
I would like to think I would, but then you really start to think about it.
What if you were tortured, a slow and painful death?
Would I deny Him?
What if you were burned at the stake?
Would you say anything to get out of it?

I came to the easy conclusion that I would die for Christ.  Easy because I have never experienced it.  I'm sure I don't understand the magnitude of what it means. I should say I pray God would give me the grace I would need in that situation to accept death rather than deny Him.........BUT,
Just leave my kids alone, don't torture my babies.

That opened another door in my mind.  Isn't that exactly what God did for me?
He allowed his child, Jesus, to be tortured and put to death.
Do you grasp that?
I don't, my mind about shuts it off, because I cannot fathom that sacrifice.
It brings me to tears.
It is very humbling.  It is also very humbling to know that torture and death await many christians around the world, today, tomorrow, it will keep happening.

Will that ever come to America?  I hope not.
I pray if I ever was in that position that God would give me the strength to die for Him.
I have read that the Christians in these countries...like China, Sudan, etc... they WANT to die for Christ, they consider it an honor!  There are no words, that is so humbling.

You may also go to http://www.persecution.com/ and request your free copy of Tortured for Christ.
Please pray for those being persecuted.

This may seem like a depressing post, but in light of this, doesn't your bad day, look a little brighter?


I started reading Tortured for Christ.
I was brought to tears as I read how this man suffered in prison.
I keep thinking what can I do?  What can I do?

I found something!  Go to http://www.prisoneralert.com/ and you can write letters to Christians in prison.
It is so easy, you click on phrases and it prints it with a translation.
The letters may not always be allowed to the prisoner, but how encouraging would it be if 100's of us did write and God placed them in the prisoners hands!
I imagine if I were in their place, a letter like that would be life altering, oh how encouraging!


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  1. Prudence, What wonderful thought provoking post...
    I will stand with you and Hope and pray for the courage to except death as a blessing, a going home as such. But and this is a big BUT don't mess with my kids cause all sanity goes out the window and protection mode takes over all rational thought processes. Have you read The Shack? It ask the question could you or would you give up your child to save a sinful world? No comment at this time.
    Love your post! Many Blessings, Deborah


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