Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Health and the food you eat

Remember when I went to the dr. and to make a long story short she said I have PCOS?
And then I just wasn't sure if I should believe her?  Well I have been researching and reading tons of information online.

I receive Dr. Mercola's newsletters through e-mail daily and I usually read at least one article.
Today I read this article...

It's long but well worth the read and it's actually by Dr. Rosedale.  It was so eye opening on insulin, insulin resistance, and the role that plays in disease and the foods you eat.
I just kept thinking....HOLY COW!

Anyway all the websites I read and articles and snippets and pages and blogs agree and the common factor is.... grains and sugar, bad bad bad.

If you are like me your panicking right now and getting angry, there is no way your giving up sugar and grains.  But that is the one thing I have never been able to do and everything else I've tried , has never worked.
Once I did do the, only once slice of bread a day and veggies and fruit and protein only, and you know what I felt good, but I didn't keep up with it and I never thought treating myself to a few cookies a day , ok make that a dozen cookies a day, what harm could that do?

I'm getting off track.  I just had my cholesterol level checked again and it is way up from last year.  I just could not figure out what the heck???

Again, research has shown me that high cholesterol is not the problem, why do I have high cholesterol?  High cholesterol is caused by inflammation in your body, and your body is putting out more cholesterol to try and reduce inflammation...I'm just paraphrasing what I've read, so don't quote me, look it up for yourself :)
Anyway what kinds of foods cause inflammation?? You guessed it, sugar and grains.  What happens when your body is in a constant state of inflammation?
Just to name a few:

skin tags
insulin resistance
heart disease
the list goes on and on.

So I searched for anti-inflammation foods and diets online and found this site.

I have been reading there a while and it is really quite interesting.
I have nothing to lose but some weight and hopefully my migraines and cholesterol. 
I'm gonna give it a go, so if I'm a tad grouchy and negative, please don't take it personal!
It's just that I am not going to be eating sugar and grains.

Another intesting tidbit from that article, when you eat sugar your body cannot store it and so it needs to burn it right away.  (again I'm paraphrasing).... So if you are constantly putting sugar into your body, your body never burns the fat you have stored!
And when people say sugar I usually think, donuts, hard candy, pop, twinkies and I say to myself, whew!  I'm in the clear I don't eat any of that......hardly...
Well here's some things sugar is in:
flavored yogurt
salad dressings
bbq sauce
potatoes turn to glucose (sugar)
protein bars
granola bars

I'm not trying to sound negative but, really I'm talking to people who like me, are struggling with an issue that you can't seem to get rid of, like migraines or whatever it may be.

SO WHOSE WITH ME???  I need a buddy!

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  1. Good luck!!! I totally agree with you on the foods we eat having way more effect than we would ever realize, just from what I've read too. I have anxiety issues and I just know it must be something I eat that I don't tolerate well anymore (my anxiety always manifests itself as tummy issues). I keep wondering if I'm gluten intolerant or something like that, that could be causing the anxiousness/tummy issues.


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