Sunday, March 20, 2011

MaryJanes Farm

I received my latest issue of MaryJanes Farm magazine over a week ago, I had forgotten about it till I past by it today.  I paged through it while I ate my lunch.  Normally I don't read the "readers write" sections. 
Today I did and I really enjoyed it.  As a matter a fact you should go pick up a copy just to read these stories.

Sister Act a Helping Hand by Kameron DeWulf
Neighbors by Christine Anderson
Recipe for Disaster by Kathleen Everett

I even teared up at the end of Recipe for Disaster.
I am just being silly, I'm sure.  But in the story the writer tells how often women make bread or soup or something for friends or family or even strangers who are sick, sad, busy.....etc.
And one day her daughter texted her and said mom, my friend just broke up with her boyfriend, should I make her cupcakes or a torte?

And that is what I thought was so sweet, and I hope SOMETHING will be passed down to my daughters like that.

Today I am making Pioneer Woman's Mocha Brownies and for dinner her recipe for Lasagna.
Last week I made Pioneer Woman's macaroni and cheese, I'm sorry to say I did not like it one bit.
Two of my kids liked it, that's it.  The rest of us thought it was pasty and gluey.

Spring break is here, and I will be enjoying having my kids home from school!
Have a great Sunday!

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