Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

I have been sick for so long that I have not gotten to the grocery store in ages!
In case your wondering, I am still sick.  This is by far the worst cold/sinus infection/migraine I've ever had.
Anyway, I haven't been cooking or baking much, since, well you know...

My best friend gave me a gift card for my birthday, so with it, I FINALLY bought........

The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook!  I have been wanting it for a while.
I even told Ree herself, I would be buying it.

Who does that?  Who goes up to someone and promises they will buy their product?
Just to make myself not look like such a dork, my best friend, who was with me that day, told Ree....
"I saw you on Twin Cities Live!"

ha ha, sorry Rach, were both dorks.

So tonight I am making Pioneer Woman's

Comfort Meatballs
mashed potatoes.

And in the oven right now is a triple layer from scratch chocolate cake.
It will be frosted with homemade chocolate frosting.
I found that recipe in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

I will be sharing these recipes and photo's this Friday for Food Friday!

I don't know why food makes me so giddy! 
It's making it all from scratch, I think.  It seems almost healthy or healthier...
I think well, thank goodness it's not a mix from a box that's full of chemicals.
Do you feel that way?

I better go listen for the oven timer, my head is so congested, I can't hear a thing.

Don't forget about Friday!!


  1. Oh, sinus infections are the WORST!

    Please feel all-the-way better, soon.

    And...I have the VERY SAME meatballs on the menu for Tues! I've never made them before. Please tell me they're worth my time.

    Thanks. ;)

  2. Hahaha You make me laugh! I WAS a dork!
    Glad you got the cookbook....Ree would be proud! Just wish I could come over and help you eat them balls!!

    Praying for you that you get over this nasty cold quickly. I feel bad you are still sick.
    God bless!

  3. so sorry you are under the fun and i hope you're all better are making me hungry with all this foodie talk...can't wait to drool over the photos...i really want that cookbook too!


    stuff and nonsense

  4. Oh I hope you are feeling better! this sinus/cough/cold sicky stuff keeps revisiting all of us...too often! HOpe your meal was yummy and that you could taste/smell it!=)

  5. Still sick? Man that sucks. I really hope you feel better soon!!

    I guess I better go get that cookbook. I've heard nothing but good feedback. And let's face it..the girl knows what's good, right?

    Your dinner sounds amazing. I hope it boosted your spirits. And you're so right about that box food..ick.



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