Saturday, February 26, 2011

Home Staging

As you know our farm is for sale and......not one nibble. 
But that doesn't worry me, all in God's timing.
So, I have been watching HGTV's Get It Sold and I've learned some good tips!

 I have been painting. I hate painting.
 I was a fun mom and let my boys choose their own room colors when we added on to the house.  They each got a new bedroom and a new bathroom. 
Josh chose BRIGHT green.
Nic chose macaroni and cheese orange and BRIGHT green.

Isn't that awful??

It was all I could do to look at those colors, I can't imagine what people have thought at our open houses!

So I painted them, Gentle Cream from Benjamin Moore.
Then I thought, well people may not like the waves in Portia and Sophie's room either, so I painted their room the same color.

My dilema with the girls room is their ceiling is the same green as the top of the walls. 
I HATE painting ceilings.
So I left it green.

We also added neutral light fixtures in the girls rooms and the entry way.
And I have taken down a lot of my decorations around the house.

Neutral, that's what they say!

You will have to stay tuned for after pictures, I am not done "staging".


  1. Hey!! That's what we've been immersed in since August...we are still waiting for our house to sell=( but know it's all in God's plan which is bigger than our own=) It's nice to be in our new house and not have to keep the old one clean, but we did tons of painting...might have to do more I's praying both of our homes sell asap!! (in God's timing=)

  2. Good luck with selling yours! Luckily, we decided to keep all of our walls beige, because we knew we'd probably move one day. But you know, that whole thing just aggravates me. People should be smart enough to look at a house and be able to tell if it's for them or not, despite the wall color. I was watching HGTV the other night and these people were looking at a house and complaining about not liking the curtains in it! Seriously?! People should realize that they are going to have to make it their own and that's just part of it. No house is going to be exactly like they would want it. But, I guess some people really do expect that when they look at a house. I sure hope we both get some offers soon!!


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