Monday, February 21, 2011


Remember that movie?  From 1989 with Steve Martin.
I LOVE that movie.

I was up late last night, and it was on TV. 
I was laughing out loud all by myself.

One of my favorite scenes is when they are at a Chuck E Cheese type place and Kevin, their oldest son, he's 9, gets bullied off of a ride and gets his money stolen.  Kevin goes to his parents and starts whining.  The grandpa says, you can take him, your bigger than he is, go get your money back!

Gil, says to his dad, STOP, be quiet!  Then in the midst of the arguing, Kevin starts screaming....
He has lost his retainer.  Kevin's parents rush to quiet him, you can tell they are embarassed.

Grandpa takes the kids home and the next scene is Gil and Karen searching the trash behind Chuck E Cheese for the $200 retainer... they are discussing their high strung boy who is obsessive...
As Gil is washing his hands obsessively under the water faucet outside, he asks Karen where Kevin would get that behavior from.....

It is absolutely hilarious.  Haven't we all been there?
That is why this movie is so funny, because it mirrors real life.

I also love Grandma's story of the roller coaster.  Gil and Karen's life is crazy... Gil has just quit his job, Karen has an unexpected pregnancy, their son is in therapy, life is a roller coaster.
Grandma tells how she went on a roller coaster at 19, and it was so scary, thrilling, made her sick and exciting all at the same time and she wanted to go again.
Much better than a boring merry go round where you just go in circles...she says.

In the end of course, things just work out.


  1. Love that movie! I remember those sweet life lessons too. Thanks for bringing them to mind again. :)

  2. Gosh, I haven't seen that movie in ages. And I do remember the digging for the retainer. That would be an expensive thing to lose.


  3. I love that movie...and had forgotten all about it...must find it and watch it once again. Thanks for the reminder. Hope your day is going well my friend. xoxoxo


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