Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Resort 2011..... huh?

I tell ya
I can hardly keep up!  I am still trying to figure out
what's in for fall.  I guess fall is flying by faster than I thought.
It is almost November already!!
I just got my November Elle magazine (I guess it hasn't run out yet), and they had the cutest
Resort Wear! 

Resort wear is for people who VACAY every year in the winter...
You know, those Jones's who take the yearly Mediteranean cruise.
Or the Smith's who island hop through the South Pacific all January.

I love looking at resort wear because it holds all kinds of promise for fun.
You look at the swimsuits and causal wear and think,
aaaahhh yes I will wear this on the beach or that on the cruise ship and those sandals shopping....etc.
Now when I vacay in the winter, I get my resort wear from Target. 
If I'm lucky I'll get a new swimsuit from J. Crew.

Here are some of my favorite looks.
All images from Elle.


I love that this looks vintage.  You could wear this pink dress to your afternoon beauty shop appointment.

This could be your date night dress.

Is this the cutest retro look?  This is for a day of shopping in Rome.

This purple beauty, well who knows where you would wear it.  I know I'll never be anywhere even within 100 miles of needing to wear it.  But it would be fun.


This cute gingham bikini is obviously for Tahiti.

So is this pink number.  It reminds me of the 70's.  I love it!

Date night in Bora Bora.

White comfort for lunch in between spa visits....


This may be your trip to the french countryside, driving into town for some lunch.

I love this pink dress, a casual day of shopping in Paris.


I love this swimsuit.  I hope it's a swimsuit.  I would make it one.  Perfect for Waikiki beach.

Sundress for shopping at Ala Moana shopping center.

I love this sweater, I love the whole outfit.  Perfect for the long plane ride, in first class of course.

This is the cutest swimsuit, to go from your poolside cabana to your spa appointments.

Have you ever been to Italy, Paris, Tahiti?

I have not.  The only place I have ever begged my hubby to take me is to Bora Bora in Tahiti.
I actually have been begging for that trip for over 15 years.  ha ha!
I know I am super lucky that my husband's family is from Hawaii, so of course we have to go visit.
I just think as long as we are down there, we could hop on a plane for 5 more hours and visit Bora Bora too!
It's so convenient!

I was thinking maybe for our 10 year anniversary he would take me. No such luck.
Then I thought well for 15 years for sure! No again.
So now I'm going for 20!  Maybe I should give him a couple extra years and hope for 25?
Surely he's had enough time to save up, right?



  1. I like the date night in Bora Bora dress. Super cute. Doubt I'll make it to Bora Bora though. Your hubby is so sweet, I'm sure for your 25th you'll be going!

  2. I love each and every one. Now, if I could just FIT in one of them.


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