Sunday, August 1, 2010



It's Sunday, and for breakfast I had a huge plate of guilt.
Guilt that I do not have my kids in a church somewhere.

I have no church at the moment, and I despise trying new ones every week.

I am going to scrape that guilt off my plate into the garbage.

After that, I am taking Sophie out to Borders to *HOPEFULLY*  find the
new Where Women Create magazine.
Supposed to be out today August 1!!
It seems to never be in stock at Borders!

This is something I look forward to 4 times a year.

Then we are headed to Joann Fabrics to look for fall fabrics for Lollibags.
I do try and use vintage ones, but am running low on those at the moment.

In the latest Elle magazine, which I won't renew, because of all the disgusting sex articles they continually run,
they have what's in for fall.
Here it is,


Granny grunge

Plain ole grunge

Urban Ballet

Gray, pink and neutrals

So I am going to see what I could possibly use for a
Granny Grunge Lollibag!

Any ideas?


  1. First, way to go, throw it in the trash. There is NO condemnation in Christ Jesus.

    I hope you find your book!!

    Granny grunge? Hmm. What about red and purple combined? Those are the colors of the Red Hat Society. Hope that helps :)

  2. Ugh. I remember church hunting days when the hubs and I were first married...exhausting and often discouraging. Don't give up hope though. I'm sure the right church home for you is out there somewhere!

    Urban ballet...granny grunge. Sounds like everyone just needs a bath...

  3. I ended up getting some great, gray suiting fabric and some pink knit fabric for flowers and ruffles. And some "grunge" plaid, which is actually quite pretty, I'll make flowers out of that too. I'll post pics when I have a few made :)

  4. I eat guilt on a regular basis. It does not keep me regular, however. Glad to see you threw yours out.

    Can't wait to see the new bags!


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