Friday, August 20, 2010

Food Friday & Rach's Visit!

Today's recipe is from one of my husband's customers.  The nicest couple, they came to our house and cooked for us one time. It was the best meal ever!  One of my favorite things is salmon and this glaze is from them.  I will never forget how nice they were, they bought all the food and came and cooked it!

Salmon Glaze

Orange Juice
Brown Sugar

That's it!  I just winged it and threw some of each in a bowl, stirred it and poured it over the salmon in each frying pan.  The frying pan with the flat bottom and straight sides (left one in pic) turned out much better, the glaze ended up getting really thick and just fabulously yummy!!!  I also added some crushed garlic to the salmon.

Rach and I could not get over how good it was, it tasted gourmet!  We were just shoveling it in our mouths and we overstuffed ourselves.

Rach's Visit


We had so much fun, I am so sad she had to leave today. 
Here are a few pictures :)

We are headed to the coast this morning!  OH what a fun day that was!!  Rach was being goofy ~

We took way to many face shots of ourselves, way to many......

Those stairs are as steep as they look!  We were like two old ladies trying to get up them, I think she may have gotten her inhaler out at the top, did you Rach? or was that after the dunes climb?

Soooo funny, about 4 years ago, on our anniversary, hubby and I went to the coast and saw this Choco Milk sign.  It was $295, vintage, from Mexico.
I wanted it so bad.  Rach and I saw it still there.  It was now marked down to $150.  I told the guy, hopefully it will be at $50 next time I come to the coast in about 2 years!

I had the best bowl of clam chowder at the Chowder Bowl in Newport.

The beautiful Oregon Coast at the dunes in Florence.

There were alot of people out in the sun :)  What a wonderful day!  We ate fresh made caramel corn, homemade fudge, fish and chips, fruit smoothies... whatever we wanted!

And then we sat at the beach and just listened to the ocean and praised God for the beauty of it.
We dreamed about our "turning 40" trip to Hawaii, took tons of pictures and bottled the sand.

I love this picture of Rach and Portia and Sophie out by the barn.

Rach and I took my 3 oldest kids to dinner Tuesday night.
Josh 19
Lauren 14
Nic 16

We just had such a wonderful time.  The week went by so fast..
But I will get to see her again in about 4 weeks when I head to Minneapolis for
The Creative Connection Event!
So that makes it a little easier to say goodbye.

Love you Rach!


  1. I love the Oregon Coast, beautiful!!! I totally remember those darn stairs lol

  2. I love you too Prudy. We did have a blast didn't we!!! Yes we did take allot of head shots. I wish I would have put a little more effort into doing my hair that day. Now I have to look at my slicked back ponytail and headband for years!! ughhh WHY???!!!!!!!!

  3. Friends make life so much sweeter.


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