Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wonder Woman!

The girls and I are completely obsessed with Wonder Woman!
I was searching Netflix for our next movie and came across the original series from 1975.

Remember the first episode where Steve Trevor parachutes out of his exploding plane and lands on Paradise Island?  That is where Wonder Woman lives with her mother the queen and all her sisters.  Paradise Island has only woman.  Since there are no men there, they said the island has been free from fighting and the women are strong.  Watching the first episode, it's obvious to me now, some of those woman are really men dressed up...

Watching it now, it's so corny, yet I can't stop watching!
Remember the invisible plane?
   When they show it from afar, you can tell  that it is a plastic plane with a barbie in it and you can see the strings. 
But what fun memories!  I remember most of the episodes.
However I had not remembered it was based in the 1940's and most of the time Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor were battling the Nazi's.

It is so cool how she stops bullets with her bracelets.  Her bracelets are made from feminum, which is only found on Paradise Island.  And her golden lasso makes people tell the truth.

Portia watches the DVD's everyday, over and over.  Sophie has started to put her princess cape on and run down the hallway saying woner woomn woner woomn!

Remember how she spun around and she would turn into Wonder Woman? 
The spinning gets better with each episode.  It started out slow and with each episode it got faster and faster.
Then she would do the head stopping with each turn and the flash of light would indicate she was now Wonder Woman.

I wish they would do a movie or a remake, but you know, it wouldn't be the same. 
It would probably be turned into something disgusting.  So I guess we will just enjoy the original's.

Did you gals watch Wonder Woman growing up?


  1. I remember watching Wonder Woman and thought she was really pretty. It was nice to see a girl super-hero.


  2. I confess I had the underwear. Loooooved her. And the invisible plane always baffled me because I could see it. This post made me laugh the whole way through. So awesome!

  3. And I think there was or is a movie in the works but there is a rel battle over who will play her or something. Now I have to go google that to find out...

  4. yah that part where she runs across the beach holding the passed out steve trevor cracks me up! she was running full speed with a grown man in her arms.....yah right!!! hahaha
    I want to get Netflicks so I can watch all the episodes. Jared will probably be all ga ga over her still.....that was his childhood crush!

  5. Do I remember? I still want to be Wonder Woman!

  6. We are totally into Little House on the Prairie right now. I have waited YEARS for my kids to be "into" we can't get enough! We are working through season 4! = )


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