Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Lollibags for Creative Connection

You guys know by now I am not a photographer!
So....keep that in mind.

Remember the phrases for what's in style this fall?
Granny grunge
Urban ballet
Plain ole grunge

In the fashion magazines there are lots of plaid's, pink's, gray's and neutral's for fall.
 While I'm sure I have not cornered the market on granny grunge, I did my best.

I have 65 Lollibags made for Minneapolis, I know it sounds crazy but I'm wondering if that is enough?
I'm being positive here....should I make more?   Or get things done I've neglected all summer,
because I've been sewing!

We'll see.


  1. Well you've gone and done it. You made ones I like even more then the others I love. And you know I HEART lollibags! And you can never have TOO MANY. Not enough would be sad. And you can always sell them them on your Etsy store or give them away to friends at Christmas. My favorites are numbers 1, 3 thru 5 and number 7. But they are ALL amazing!

  2. Oh my heavens! That first one is going to KILL me!!! Love. It.


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