Sunday, August 15, 2010

Before and After photos....finally!

Remember when I got my Ikea curtains?
And I said I was planning on painting my room?
And putting up the colorful boards as a headboard?

Well I got my room painted a while back, but I was not happy with it.

I painted it Bavarian Cream by Benjamin Moore.  And the paint guy said, with this high quality (most expensive)  paint,  you won't need a primer. 
And since my walls were chocolate brown I thought....great, I'm all in, mix it up!!!  He said it would for sure cover in 2 coats.

Well after 2 coats, I was done and it didn't look right , but I thought well I'll just let it dry and then take a peek. (meaning: This sucks, I hate painting, I am done, never going to pick up a brush again)

Well  it really didn't cover well....  but I left it.

But all these months I just could not live with it, it nagged at me, I was disgusted with the outcome.

And the color wasn't sitting well with me either.  So I went back to the store and got the next shade lighter.
Which is called...

Cotton Balls

LOVE that name!  I did the third coat in Cotton Balls.
And I love it!
Who couldn't love sleeping in a room covered in pure creamy soft cotton balls!

So a few more weeks went by, with the boards sitting in the hallway.
So finally today, hubby put them up for me.

I just love these boards.  They are from the Scandinavian Festival that is held in Junction City.   A town about 30 min. from my house. 
I bought them at an antique store.

I really don't like showing my bedroom, it seems so unmagazine worthy....
BUT... it is home sweet home.

The pictures are dark, I know.  I have the room darkening liners behind my Ikea curtains.
Okay so it looks way better in person and would look way better without the dressers in the room.

I was imagining what a stylist would do, if they were prepping my room for a photo shoot.

Probably EMPTY it.
So there you have it, before and after.

Today is Sophie's 3rd birthday. 
My sweet wonderful surprise, I couldn't be more in love with her!

AND..... tomorrow I pick up my best friend from the airport at 12:23 pm!!!!


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  2. I LOVE your bedroom. The boards are incredible.


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