Thursday, August 12, 2010

My favorite supplement

I love Garden of Life products.  These are fish oils.

I get migraines one to two times a month, they are hormonal.
I have spent literally thousands and thousands of dollars trying
different doctors, procedures, medications, vitamins, biofeedback, therapy, etc....
trying to get rid of them or find the cause so I can prevent them.

I took this supplement, Oceans 3 Healthy Hormones  last year for a while and noticed my migraines didn't come as often or were as bad.  Then I was trying to save money and I cut them out of my routine.

But my migraines got worse.  The medication I take for migraines is relpax.

Well for 6 pills of relpax it USED to be $64.
Sometimes I would use 5 pills for one migraine episode.

I just refilled my relpax yesterday at a WHOPPING  $168 for 6 pills!!!!! That's after my lousy insurance.
Do you understand what that means???
Besides the obvious of making me very angry, it means if I have a bad month,
I could end up spending $336 in one month for my migraines!

So anyway... I am choosing to take high doses of my Oceans 3 healthy hormones instead.
On the bottle it says for advance use increase gradually to 3 softgels 3 times a day.
And at $29.99 a bottle that's 3 bottles a month, still far less than the relpax.

Not to mention, Oceans 3 fish oils, are good for you, lower cholesterol and much more.

And if this ends up being to expensive, I'll just get the good ole cod liver oil from Garden of life.
Online it is under $10 a bottle.  I don't know if it has the same effect as these pills, since these are formulated for hormones, but I would give it a try.
Not sure I would like the taste either, but I would like to save the money.

Well it is 12:30, that is the GOLDEN HOUR, time for Miss Sophie's nap!

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  1. Migraines are awful. I am a firm believer in and consumer of fish oil.


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