Friday, June 4, 2010

When God answers a why?

A favorite picture of mine.  That's my little guy on the left, standing by grandpa's work van.

That was in 1992.

  When I had Josh at 18, I just had no idea what to do. 
But I remember always praying.... praying he would become a man of God.
And praying for God to protect him.
When I divorced his father and remarried and battled over visitation, the praying increased.

Anything you would not want your child around, he was around on a visitation weekend. 
Josh would scream and cry not to have to go.
All I would do is cry and pray, cry and pray, pleading with the Lord to protect him.
To keep him safe.

 To not become like his father.

Those were probably the most nightmarish years of my life.

Then in 2002, we felt like God wanted us to move, for my hubby to accept a job with a new company.
I was so excited, I would think why is God having us move?  How will we serve Him in Oregon?
Are we going to be wildly successful?  Why does God move you out of state?

Turns out, we love it out here.  There are draw backs but there is with anything. 
But all these years I've wondered, have I missed my opportunity to serve God out here?
What was it?  What is it?  Why did we move?

Now I suppose I can be dense, but a couple months ago I was driving, running my errands.
I was probably angry at a cashier.

And I had this thought...

Did God move us out here to protect Josh? 

And I tossed it around in my head for a while and thought sure that could be it.
But surely there is something more, some grand way I am going to serve God, that I've yet to discover.

And then I just let it go.

Well I don't know if you have teenagers, but Josh is 19 now.  He'll be 20 in September.
He rarely says anything deep to me.  He will talk about his motorcycle or his car or his day at work.
But not much else, certianly not God.

So one day I was taking Josh to a dr. appointment, and we were talking....
And just out of the blue he said,
Mom, I think we moved out here so I didn't get into trouble with my family.
(meaning his biological father and his cousins)

I do believe I started crying right then.
For it was a confirmation to me of what God had just told me!

pause....need a tissue

All those years of praying came rushing to my mind.

God heard me!

He answered me!

God protected my son!

How am I so blessed that he did that for me??
What if we had not listened and moved?

And the thought that God cares so much for my son to move our whole family out of state,
is overwhelming to me!

The fact that God loves me enough to answer my cries for my child....

I'm not sure I grasp the Love of God.
I don't think I understand how deep it is.
I tell you I am not over this, I keep saying
WOW, thank you Jesus!
I feel blessed that God chose to reveal the answer to this why.

I have so many other why's
why did my mom have to die?
why did you bless me with 5 children while others have none?
why won't you take my migraines away?

But the answer to one, is enough.
God tells me with that answer...

I love you
I have your best interest at heart
I am sovereign
I hold the future in My hands

Trust Me


  1. Isn't it amazingly awesome to be overcome by God's infinite love and care for us? How wonderful, and blessed, and beautiful!

  2. Beautiful praise and witness to an answered prayer, Reminds me even in the valley of desperation and hopelessness. God has a plan to turn all things for His Glory. Hey I order my fisrt lollibag....can't wait to get it, did you see my order? Many Blessing, and Thanks for blessing me with your answered prayer. Deborah

  3. Tearing up here...I love this story. Our God is an awesome God! God protected me and my daughter from my ex, too. He has done so many things for us, I scarce can take it in.

    I just love these happy ending stories for girls like us who have worked so hard to protect our kids.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, your heart and God's love with me today.


  4. sorry I did not get your note, but I haven't check email in a couple days, I know it's a little girls, I just loved it, and though I could use something smaller for summer. I can't find anything in my big bag any how. And I really love it, reminds me of vintage aprons I had a collection of them before we had a house fire. Kinda funny, I realize it after I paid and got out my ruler and thought yah time for a down size, Thanks, I will let ya know when it comes. But, I still Dream about the linen and denim ruffles.......from the fashion pic. TC Deborah cool boarder

  5. I absolutely adore this post. God IS sovereign! He DOES love us *that* much!! What a blessing. Thanks for sharing, my friend.

  6. Aloha Prudence, I love that you stopped in to visit! Mahalo!!I enjoyed your post about Josh and your willingness to be obedient to your spiritual promptings, Isn't it wonderful when you recognize a tender mercy of our Heavenly Father. He does hear our prayers and his love for us is eternal. He knows the desires of our hearts and he wants to bless us as long as strive to be righteous and keep his commandments.A Mothers love is sacred, I'm so glad you have experienced his love in your deserve it!
    I know all about moving and wondering if our answers to our prayers are what we should be doing.When we moved here to Hawaii I thought that because it was so expensive to ship all that we own and invest so much that surely we were meant to stay. I recently had an answer to that question as to why I have to go back to California. Heavenly Father allowed us to come to Hawaii he did answer our prayer but it was my assumption and expectation that made me think we were going to get to stay!
    So, I treasure every moment I have had in Hawaii, it hasn't all been easy. We were robbed in our Home while we were in Sunday School. It set us back almost 20K. That was a hard hit to take ,but even being robbed we didn't let that detour us from our goals.So we were able to send our son an a Mission for our church while we were here in Hawaii...we feel very blessed. Never doubt that the Lord is in it, when we put him first in all we do
    all my Aloha

  7. touching post! your son is lucky to have you as his mom.
    have the loveliest of weekends.
    ~ molly

  8. My sweet friend...I am so glad I checked my "blogs" today. I have been so busy but this truly enriched my heart today. It was a beautiful post about how God is so intimately mindful of astounds me over and over. And I love how you said you are not over this...I can get over the blessings quickly. I can get complacent in the palm of God's hand instead of standing in awe of my God. Prudy, what a lovely and heartfelt post.

  9. That is so wonderful. God, in his goodness reveals little glimpses of his heart for us and how much he loves us,AMAZING!

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