Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update on Grandpa

My dad went to visit Grandpa last night.
He asked him if he had thought anymore on the conversation about dying without God.

My Grandpa said I believe in God, but not Jesus.
I'll admit my hopes were dashed.  But I still have faith.
I have faith that my Grandpa will have a death bed conversion.
He is literally in his death bed in hospice care.
He has not eaten in days.  In hospice they just make you comfortable, so they are not feeding him through an IV.  He has no appetite.

I figure it can't be much longer, but I pray God will keep him alive until he recieves Jesus.

My dad said, this is the great deception.  Believing in God but not Jesus.
You must believe God sent His son Jesus to die for your sins on the cross.
Only God can reveal this to Grandpa, it must occur in the heart.

Thanks for continued prayers and I'll keep you posted.

On a lighter note.....
remember pink sponge curlers??


  1. Praying for Grandpa!!!

    And yes, I do remember pink sponge curlers. Yeowch!!

  2. I love those curlers! But they always seemed to get twisted up and tears were shed. The results were great though.

    I am so glad you posted an update, thought about this and prayed several times today. My sister says she believes in "A God" but not in Jesus. My Dad isn't a believer either. It's so hard watching our loved ones believe these lies. I will keep praying...

  3. Oh, the humility it took for me to come to the cross of Christ. I was 20 and I was already hardened by the world. But I believe God does not give up on us. His word tells us it is not His will for ANY of us to perish. And may were praying for me. MANY! And we are rallying together for your Grandpa sweet friend. We are praying for his precious soul that desperately needs saving yet he has no idea. Lets pray that the veil is lifted and he sifts through a lifetime of hurt and misconstrued truths to see his Savior and the King of kings.

  4. Praying, praying, praying!!!!


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