Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Vintage Friend

I  just found out my best friend is flying out to visit me this summer!

I couldn't be more excited, this is good news, really.  Now I won't need to find that therapist.
For soon I will be laughing so hard that it will turn silent, with tears streaming down my face.
I will tilt my head back with my mouth wide open making wierd goose like noises.

I will be laughing so hard my body will go limp and I'll fall to the floor, my face will wrinkle up.
Rach and I call that the "face of pain".  Although it is pure pleasure, laughing that hard with your buddy.
That kind of laughing gives your abs a workout, your lungs a workout.  It really negates any calories you have consumed that day.

You know what else my best friend and I do?  We pray together, we talk about our Heavenly Father, what a great dad He is.  We reminisce about miracles past.  We wonder if her dad and my mom are hanging out in heaven.  They are probably discussing all the trouble we caused in our teenage years.

I have known Rachael since the second grade, and by the sixth grade we were inseperable. 
Do you have a friend like this?  A friend who puts no expectations on you?  Who loves you unconditionally?

A friend with whom you can go weeks without a word and nobody thinks your mad?  You can just pick right up?  Rach and I are different that way, we only e-mail and have the odd trip to see each other.  We talk on the phone just a few times a year, if that.  But when we see each other, it's like we live right next door.

I am blessed to have her.  She has got me through the worst times in my life and has been there in the best times. 
She let me grab her hair and pull her head into the bedrail when I was giving birth to my first child, I still feel like apologizing for that.

I can vent and whine and complain and the next day get super excited and brag about something and she listens to it all. 

I hope you gals have a friend like that too.  My best friend is Rachael and we've been friends for 30 years.

How long have you known your besty and what's her name?


  1. You made me cry! I love you! and ditto!!!
    You are my therapy! After my visit with you I will have abs of steel and be 5 pounds lighter! Oh and have that freakish perma grin on my face!!!

  2. I am so excited for you!!! Can't wait to hear all the dirt. ;)

  3. How wonderful!! Mine is Debbi. :-)


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