Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Promoting YOU! and Lollibags

Today I am promoting two women who I think are so talented!
They are both really nice too.

First is Deborah from Art and Soul by Deborah.

Deborah paints watercolors and incorporates scriptures in them, which I love.

I don't remember how I came across her blog, but I did and now I consider her my friend.
She always has some encouraging comment to leave for me.
I even won a giveaway!
Here are a couple of my favorite things from her etsy shop.

A watercolor pendant.

A beautiful watercolor with a scripture.

I love this painting, I love the swirly colors!

So hop over to Deborah's blog and etsy shop and see all of her fabulous stuff!

My next person, you have probably heard of, I think she is quite popular in the blog world....

Becky from Farm Girl Paints!

I guess I tend to gravitate to blogs with the word "farm" in them
because I live on a farm.

I just purchased a couple necklaces from Becky as gifts.  When I got my package, she mistakenly
sent a different necklace than I had ordered.
So I e-mailed her and said I would send it back.

She is just so sweet, she said no don't send it back, bless someone with it! 
I thought that was the most wonderful thing to do.
You just don't see business owners act like that.  Everyone is out for themselves and
how much money they can get.
Not Becky.

So thank you Becky, I have given it to someone and I'm sure they have been blessed by it!

Here are a couple of my favorite things from Becky's etsy shop.

Beloved necklace.

Do it Afraid painting.  This painting has sold, but I saw it and just loved it!

Blessed necklace.

There are so many more photo's from Deborah and Becky that I could share, but you need to check out both of their blogs and etsy shops.

I am a big believer in women supporting each other in business!

Lollibags are going to be here  on June 17-19. 

Here are a couple I've been working on.

Linen ruffles with an Amy Butler fabric flower.

Again, dark gloomy photo's, do reflect the weather in Oregon!
Lord, please send sun!!

Tattered cotton ruffles Lollibag.

If your in the area stop by the sale!


  1. Great Post Prudy. And you selected wonderful women to promote and feature.

  2. Hi sweet girl. Thank you so much for the shout out and wonderful words. You blessed my heart today:)

  3. I love both of the people that you are promoting. Really lovely, serene, thoughtful items. I just chanced on your blog and love what you wrote about letter writing. I really try. I really do! There is nothing like a "real" letter.

    If you would would like, come and visit our less than three-month-old blog, Katsui, sometime. It's not really all about our jewelry! Honestly!


  4. I am Sending a big warm thank you hug! I am honored that you would choose to support me, my art and my love of Jesus. I am one of your biggest fans! Your Right up my alley, Mother 1st, entrepreneur and a beautiful women of faith. It is a blessing and an honor to be called Friend, Deborah


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