Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life on the Vintage Farm

Sometimes after supper, the girls and I will go out and help hubby with farm chores.
This night hubby had to check the pump that he thought was broke, but really
a turkey vulture landed on the overhead wires and was electrocuted and that in turn blew out the pump.

The pump goes down to the river to pump up water for the cows.
The water goes into a big tub.
This is all down in the lower pasture.

We have water rights from the river that were grandfathered to us.
When we bought the farm we had NO IDEA, any of this farmy stuff.
We found out about them in the nick of time just a couple days before they were set to expire.
Thank you Jesus!!
They do not hand out water rights any more, ever.
The right to pump out of the river, means we can irrigate our crops with river water.
So anyway that was a long time ago, but just thought I'd throw that tidbit out.

Our property sits on the confluence of two rivers.  The Mohawk River and The McKenzie River.
The picture above is the Mohawk River.  The McKenzie river is much larger.

Lauren practiced her sling shot while we waited.

Sophie has an instant "ham" light switch, that turns on when I pull out the camera.

She starts doing all these poses.

So after we got the pump taken care of.  It was time to go back up and send the cows down.

Hubby is in the left field getting them into the field your seeing.

They all come running because they like going down there!

Lauren and her dad opening the gates.

I know it looks boring in photo's, but it really is fun to see.
I love watching the baby calves run to try and keep up with their mama's.

Do you want a hat update?

Lollihats is not to be..... most likely ever.
There are just to many variables. 
I had to take the hat apart


yes 4 times. 
If it was any other material besides Amy Butler I would have thought a
couple of swear words and tossed it in the corner.
But I could not waste Amy Butler fabric!!
With handbags they are pretty much one size fits all, you just find the one you like.

With hats there are different sizes, then the crown part is to big for the brim, or vice versa.
UGH, I tell you I cannot follow patterns.
Here's the pic's.

I am actually under there :)
I love that about it, that it hides you well.

I know what your going to say....
oh it's so cute!  Yes it is cute, but your not seeing it close up.
You can tell it's my first hat.
I will wear it, but won't be attempting to sell them....yet.

And now it is

yes, Sophie is down for a nap!
gotta run
toodle loo


  1. Hi Prudence
    I am a Minnesota girl myself, so this event will be an easy show for me to do. I have 2 daughters that live there and my mom and brother. My oldest daughter from WA is coming down to do the show with me. It sounds like the whole event is going to be over the top!
    Thank you for leaving such a kind comment, it is so nice to meet you. Your farm looks awesome and your girls are adorable!
    Many blessings to you

  2. I love how amongst all the kaos Sophie is to busy posing to really care about much else.Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage and I hope to see you again soon.


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