Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So I finally finished my Lollibag tablecloth for the Vintage Barn Sale.
Keep in mind it is wrinkled :)
I am not planning on ironing it till I take it out of the suitcase in Idaho!
Also the table I have it on now, is way to small but I just wanted to show you.

I made it out of denim and added two huge flowers on either side of the Lollibag's banner.

Since I am not driving, (hubby didn't want me to) I won't be able to bring really cute display pieces.

Oh well I am going to use my vintage baby blue suitcases so I can use those for display.
But then again, will they get ruined being tossed around in the airplane?  yes.

ugh, oh well, I am happy that it will only take an hour on the plane compared to a 10 hour drive!

Any ideas for display?
I really want to have a good display.  What could I pack in a suitcase that would make a huge impact?


  1. Your tablecloth turned out fabulous! I am loving those gorgeous flowers and the letters so, so much! As for what to pack for impact...not sure what you have in mind.

  2. What an adorable tablecloth!! Thanks for visiting, we are sooooo looking forward to meeting you at Vintage Barn.

    I think you bags are going to look great on the table.

    xo Celia

  3. Beautiful! You are so creative. I wish I could sew....and craft....and be creative. Just lovely!


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