Thursday, June 17, 2010

Olde Farmhouse

I stopped by The Olde Farmhouse sale this morning and took some pictures.
This is where Lollibag's are till Saturday.
I put my etsy shop on vacation till then.
Not that people are lining up to buy them!!! But I just knew if I left my etsy shop open,
then the same bag would be sold twice....just cuz.

Don't you love that mailbox?  Good idea!

I love flags.

I love birdhouses too, the rustic shabby ones.

Isn't her house great?  It was built in 1895.  History.

I took Lauren and Sophie with me to the sale and while we were inside a little old lady went up to Lauren..
She had my vintage zipper Lollibag in her hand. 
And she said to Lauren..... isn't this a clever idea?  Good way to use up those old zippers.

Lauren and I just giggled a little bit, she had no idea I made that bag :)
I sure hope she bought it!

I bought 2 birdhouses, the prices were good.  I'm going to add them to the pasture fence.

As you can see the grey sky is still here in Oregon, it even hailed the other day.
I do wish for sun!


  1. Nice !!!! beautiful house..............happy day tomorrow ...........hugs from me Ria !!

  2. Oh I adore that home...we are looking for a new home...sigh..that would fit the bill for sure!! Thanks for sharing..have a blessed day! xoxox


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