Sunday, June 6, 2010

Garage Sale

Just a few things that will be at my garge sale in June.

Chalkboard windows I used to sell at a store.

Lauren's old store sign.

Let It Snow sign.

I have about 15 antique doors.

Cottage Sign.

Childs metal rocker, should I sell this?

Old post, not sure about this one either.  But I am sure about the shutter, or am I?

Old war signs.  Anyone know what language this is and what they say?


  1. The green signs are French. 1. Railway station in Switerland (Suisse). 2. Reggio after the catastrophe (earthquake in southern italy 1920's). 3. Russia's Port Arthur was attacked by the Japanese in 1904. 4. Soleilland murdered (assassinat)Marthe Erbelding she was an 11 yr old girl and neighbor to Mr. Soleilland. These are kind of grim . I would diffinately sell those.

  2. I JUST READ THE ABOVE COMMENT! I concur...those are not happy signs. But I must say I have never wanted to live near you more. I need those antique doors for 2 projects I have in mind!!!! The post, cut in half with one of the doors could make an amazing headboard. The shutters would hake a great message board or just buy hinges to make a short screen to block off a doorway (do you even have kids young enough for that or a dog?)or shutter a window inside in an unexpected place like the bathroom. I would want those chalkboards too! AHHHHH! YOU ARE TOOOOO FAR AWAY!

  3. Hey there,
    I love your blog i am a Mary Jane girl too.
    I would love to be at your Garage sale but Utah is so far from you.


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