Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lollibag Banner

OK, so I've been working on this all afternoon. 

And I cannot believe how much fun it was!

I made this banner to put on the front of the tablecloth.  I'm not sure how I will attatch it yet.

But I cut letters out of Amy Butler fabric to spell Lollibag's.

And then I decided to put them on some vintage white cotton.
I did put interfacing on the back of the the letters to stiffen them up a bit.
And I think I ruined my new iron doing it too, shoot.

I am wondering if I should cut the white cotton closer in?  Or leave it? 
I am still going to embellish the table cloth with ruffles and maybe some flowers.
Flowers are time consuming for me cuz I am not real good at them.

Thanks for all the table cloth tips and migraine advice.

I do think I need to drink more water.  I always think I am but then when I really think about it, am I?

I woke up with a bad headache again today, but it wasn't quite a migraine, and the good thing
was I took some excedrin and it actually worked.  Normally, I'll take excedrin, relpax, advil, and nothing works.
So hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow feeling great!

Thanks guys :)


  1. Your banner is adorable, I am lifting you up in prayer, God Just take those nasty headaches away and make them a faded memory. I pray healing and health for Prudence. I just ask you bind up what ever it is causing this and that she will wake up to a new day in Jesus name, with no pain, Thank and Praise, Deborah

  2. Love, love, love this banner!! I can't wait to see it in person :)

  3. Oh, I think this look adorable!! So cute!

  4. I think you have just the right amount of white space and SHOULD NOT cut into the white further. i love your letters- it looks like the S is upper case at the end which gives it nice variation

  5. To clean your iron, try using a terry towel and run a line of plain table salt down the center and with the iron hot, iron the towel/salt. Should work! I love your banner!


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