Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What happened to my summer??

Are you guys feeling this too?  I mean, really, what happened?  In Oregon it rained till the end of June, so summer weather didn't even start till then.  AND the kids had to attend school till June 17!!
Ridiculous, I say, ridiculous!  They will learn so much more digging for worms and helping me tend the garden!  Don't you think?  How much better is it for a child to...for my son, to figure out what's wrong with his vintage Toyota Corolla engine, and for my daughters to bake a new recipe, or design a barbie outfit then sew it by hand.

Don't get me started....

I am working on a post for next Monday, on that date, July 26, 1996 at 8:30 pm, my mom died.

And, Lauren received a custom order for pins, so as long as the customer got them already.... I will post pictures, I didn't want to ruin it for her, cuz she reads my blog.  But they are some of her best work, here they are.

The little girls they are for are turning 2 and 4.

And more news I have, at the advice of Rolane from The Vintage Barn, I applied to be a vendor at The Creative Connection event.
I was really nervous to do this, I guess I thought I would be rejected.  But they accepted me!!
This event is in Minneapolis, so I get to see my friends and family too!  It will be great fun.

So now I have to sew like a mad woman again, because there are 3 1/2 days of selling not just one like Vintage Barn!  But with God nothing is impossible!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, praise God!

In preparation for my post Monday I have been picking photos of my mom from old albums, and Sophie was just looking at them and saying "Momma!"  "Look"... 
So I looked and it was a picture of Josh when he was 1, who is now about to turn 20.

Has anyone had a moment like this?  I looked at the photo of my first born, that my last born was showing me.  And I thought, WOW.  Where is time, who stole it from me?

I had no clue at 19 that I would end up with 5 kids and at 38 I'd have a 3 year old. 

I feel overwhelmed and blessed at the same time.
In my own hands I pretty much ruined my life, but yet God took it anyway and made it wonderful...
How great is our God?!


  1. Oh I just keep looking at them and holding them. Poor Cati keeps begging me to wear it but I said she can all she wants after the party next weekend. I love them so much! And I look forward to the post about your mom. With tissues in hand. ANd yes. I was shopping for Cati's school uniform the other day shocked that time has flown by. She was trying on the clothes anxious to show her daddy and I wanted to weep with how fast it has gone and I can only assume it will go faster. I know she is only turning 4 but yesterday she was a tiny baby in my arms. How much faster will it go if it has gone this fast already? So I understand.

  2. Oh I am soooo excited..I hope to see you there! I will come visit you!
    Thank you for visiting me the other day. Hugs for a great Thursday my friend. Off to visit your etsy shop. xo

  3. thanks for stopping by today. I will probably watch the DC Housewives I watch them all! I love love Bethenny and Jason! I met them in person awhile ago. She was signing her skinny margaritas bottles!!! He is a DOLL!!!

  4. Hi-you should send out by Monday! you can write letter today if you want and send it out but Monday is the latest. its up to you. My partner is alittle farther away so I started a letter today hope to finish and get in the mail tomorrow.

  5. I wonder where all the time has gone more and more each day. My oldest is turning 32 in a few days. I don't feel 32 so how can this be?


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