Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oregon Coast Dunes....A day with Portia

It was Portia's turn to have a mom/daughter day.
So we went to the coast.  I love it out there!

I was assuming since it was going to be 95 degrees in my town today, that it would be about 80 at the coast.
Ha!  It was about 40 degrees when we went to find sea shells.

When you arrive at the Dunes, you have to climb a big steep dune to get to the ocean. 
This is the view from the top.  The temp dropped considerably at the top and just kept getting colder and windier  on the way down.

It was very foggy, windy and cold.  You could barely see the ocean.
But still, it was so breath taking!
It is almost scary to be there, the dunes are huge, the ocean is loud and vast.
You feel so small.
And think.... our God is greater!
And this is just a small part of the world he created.

We were giggling at how cold it was, after this I put my hood on.
And soon our legs and hands were numb.

That is the steep hill behind Portia, the climb back up it was the best workout I've ever had!
On the climb back up, Portia and I were laughing so hard, because it was so steep, we didn't think we could do it.  We were almost on our hands and knees, and I lost my flip flop!

I had the best time with Portia, I love that little girl so much!


  1. That's amazing the temperature was so drastically different. Looks like a wonderful time. I wish we lived close to the ocean.

    Glad you and Portia had a special date day, those are the best!

  2. hi there! we are snail mail partners:) looking forward to getting to know you better:)


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