Monday, July 12, 2010

The Vintage Barn Show!

Rolane and me :)

I wasn't sure what to expect.  I knew Rolane would be nice, but I didn't imagine that she would come up to me, grab me, and squeeze me so tight,  like I was her long lost sister!

It just set off the whole event in a glorious light.  And then to have a beautiful prayer for all the vendors before the start of the show, what a blessing!

Above:  gathering for the prayer. 

Do you know how rare that is? To just happen upon a gal like Rolane and then to be asked to be a part of her show and top it off with the whole event being soaked in prayer.
It was a blast and here are my photos!


Lauren and Pinky

Lollibag table

well that is me....

Lauren and I saw these two precious little girls just sitting on a bale of hay, so we got our picture with them.

A very exciting part of the day was meeting Erin from Home's Where My Heart Is.  Can you tell how excited I was?  She is so sweet and a cutie patootie with her curly hair!  I only wish I could have sat down with a frozen lemonade and had a nice chat with her, but of course we were slammed when she came to our table.
Sorry Erin!

Lauren sold a couple of  her wrist band/head band accessories!

Something I wanted ..... badly.

Another bracelet Lauren sold.  She has more if anyone wants one... they are priced from $5-$10.

Me and Lolli

By Sunday I was missing the farm. 

It was a fun weekend to spend with my daughter.  I met lots of nice gals, sold lots and lots of Lollibags and I feel so blessed to have been a vendor at The Vintage Barn.

I have a ton more pictures, but I am pooped, we just flew home today!


  1. Wasn't that one of the best shows! I have to agree Rolane and is the perfect hostess. I'm so glad I got to met you in person, you are a doll. See you next year! xo Glad/Junebug Design

  2. You have had a great time...with lots of fun.............i am glad for you..........happy week Ria...

  3. It was SOOO wonderful to meet you. I would have loved to sit down and visit. Maybe next year we can do that. I did a post show review, here it can even read about yourself :)

    I hope you got a TON of are so very talented.


  4. Prudy, you looked so beautiful!!! I would have bought you out! As a pround owner of TWO lollibags, I must say you are one talented woman! So wish I could have been there and to give you a hug too. I think it is so wonderful you got to meet some bloggy friends.

  5. what a wonderful event! where is it? looks like I need to visit!

  6. I thought that was a Kayce dress! You must send her the photo! She will get such a kick out of that!

  7. What a fun event! I am so thrilled that you wore the dress and looked smashing.

  8. Love this post! The pictures tell a wonderful story in themselves and your narration made me feel like I was there. I wish I could have attended. Awesome!!


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