Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two favorite books

Safely Home
by Randy Alcorn

Ok so you can't click to look inside, I copied the pictures from amazon.
Which is my favorite place to buy books because you can get them used for cheap.

This book changed the way I think, I read it a while ago, yet it still affects me.
It is about christians in China, while it is fiction, it draws from the truth.

You are not allowed to be a christian in China.
If you are caught with a Bible you will be jailed and even tortured.
You may think persecuted believers were in the old days.
Not so, even today there are martyrs for Christ.

I saw and heard everything in a new light after reading this, even testing what I heard preachers say.
I cannot accept health/wealth preachers when they say just ask God to be blessed and you will be, or how to make your life the "best",  and on and on.

Does God not love the persecuted christians around the world?
I'm sure they live a more honorable life than I do.
Would we in America own a Bible if it meant jail time for years and years and maybe some torture?
Would we make the trek to church on foot, miles away, in the middle of the night so as not to be found out?

If you want to be changed, if you want to learn what gratefullness really is, read this book.

Another favorite book of mine is,

Edge of Eternity
by Randy Alcorn

Again, the

This book is an allegory, which may not appeal to everyone.
I am on my third time reading this book, to me, it is that good.

Everytime I read it, I  understand something a little different.

Everytime I have read this I have sobbed when the Woodsman (Jesus),
led Nick (us) across the great tree (the cross) that was filled with sharp thorns, that shredded their feet, so much so that the Woodsman stopped and carried Nick.
Halfway across the Woodsman put Nick down and wiped all of Nick's dirt and blood (sins) off of Nick and onto Himself, so Nick was clean and the Woodsman dirty and filthy.
The Woodsman did all this even after Nick had nailed Him to the tree.

You know this third time reading it, something really hit me.

 I guess I always think, well the people back in Bible times are the ones who nailed Jesus to the cross, not me.  Since I wasn't there to physically do this, what did that somehow make me feel better??  I don't know where I came up with that thought.

But really it is me, I pick up a hammer and nails every time I sin.  And yet He still loves me!

Amazing Love
How can it be
That you, my King
Would die for me?

See ya next week, I'm off to pack for Idaho!


  1. Can you imagine now being "allowed" to love Jesus? And what ever gave us the idea that we could be complacent about our freedom to do so? Inspiring stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Two of "our girls" are teaching in China right now. God is doing some amazing things there!

    Adding these to my reading list.


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