Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Summer Happiness :)

Yesterday I made my mom's pickle recipe.
Nothing says summer like home made pickles!
My mom and her mom would get together every summer and make these.


7 C cucumbers sliced thin
1C green peppers cut fine
1 C green onions cut fine

Put together all of the above and add 1 T. of salt.
Let stand one hour.  Drain well and add:
2 C sugar
1 C white vinegar
1 T celery seed (to much for me, I add less)
mix well put in container and refrigerate.

Yesterday the girls and I watched Napoleon Dynamite and Lauren made red velvet cupcakes.
Except we ran out of red food coloring, so we had to use green :)

Here's a little glimpse of the Lollibag's I'm making for the Creative Connection show in Minneapolis

I'm a tad bit worried gals, that I will run out of Lollibag's.  Three and a half days of selling is the most I've ever done.
But on the bright side running out means I've sold them all!

I'm off to sew :)

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  1. I love growing cucumbers and making pickles. I will absolutely try this recipe.

    As for Napoleon Dynamite...love it! Don't forget to vote for Pedro.

    Your creations are divine!


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