Monday, July 5, 2010


I am cleaning out Portia and Sophie's room today, really organizing it.

I came across this vintage doll skirt.  Isn't it divine?
I love all the little details around the bottom.
I feel like I should be doing something with it, but what?

And I have a stack of frames and photo's that were taken down when I painted.

I'm not sure where to put them but, this is my favorite vintage frame.

I love the color and the fabric inside the frame.

I love my vintage blue chair it's sitting on also.  That is in my bathroom.

So I am also redecorating the girls bathroom, sort of.
I am taking out some decor and shifting around the rest.

That is called redo

That poor bathroom is in dire need of attention, the money kind of attention.
The tub/shower needs retiling, the floor needs retiling.  The wood trim, well it just needs wood trim.
The sheet rocker who put the texture on the wall had a heavy hand, and it looks like frosting rather than a light texture.

Anyway.... I have decided after all this money sucking work is done, who knows when, I will paint it pink.
What girl doesn't need a pink bathroom?  The vanity cupboards are light yellow, and that is my fave combo right now!

Pink and Yellow.


Also I came across my hair flower I bought from Glamarella Junk.
I really like her style and her flowers.

I wear my flower around the house, when I sew, to the grocery store.  I love it!
I will be wearing it at The Vintage Barn sale this weekend too.
Are you tired of me talking about that sale???  sorry I am excited.

I am doing last minute things, whipping up last minute Lolli's and making price list's and checking reservations.

I can't wait to share the photo's with you!


  1. Oh so wish I could come to the sale...I would spot you by looking for your sweet flower that will be in your hair! Thank you for entering my giveaway...I love your blog!


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