Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vintage Find!!!

Look what I found!

It is a 1940's grocery cart!
I love it.  Odd you say?
Yes, but it's adorable.

I took the girls out today, we've been hunkered down in the house all week. 
We went into this antique store and we all saw it.
We thought it would be fun to keep fabric in by the sewing machines.

Of course the girls will probably play with it.
Maybe throw some food from the pantry in it. 
 That's ok, I would  have loved to have this in the house when I was little!


  1. Yay, I love it! What a great idea..storing fabric. Or..playing with it!

  2. Hello
    What a great find! I would have loved one of those - I played store all the time as a kid! Mostly liked the set up though... when it came to selling the stuff to my little sister - I was done with it.
    Your little girl sounds very smart, she must have a natural eye...
    Have a great week

  3. Oh Prudence that is so cute and what a perfect way to display and keep your fabric handy. The girls will love playing with it when you're not using it too.

  4. No you didn't!?!?! I may need to pray for forgiveness due to coveting. Awesome, Miss Prudy!


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