Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Vintage School House Light

Oh how I've missed blogging.  I really must get back on here.  So much to do still.  But I AM getting it done.  I'm hanging pictures and decor now.  I had my dad (an electrician) come out and hang up some of my vintage lights.

One of them I bought when we were out here on vacation last December.  It is a vintage school house light.  I just love it.  I bought it at an antique store around here and they had 3 of them.  2 of the lights were big and there was 1 small one.  I bought the small one, because at that point we hadn't bought our house and didn't know where I was going to put it. 
Our new house has 12 ft. ceilings though, so I see that I need to go back and see if the bigger lights are still there.

I put the light in my entry way and I really love it!

I love the old chain and the porcelain globe, well everything about it. 

Don't you think that entry needs a bigger light?  ha ha, I do too!  That's ok, I have to go junking to find display pieces for The Creative Connection Event anyway....
Did I tell you??  I may have, sometimes I repeat myself, I got a booth instead of a table for the event this year!! 

Like my husband says:  Go big or go home!  I am taking a huge leap this year and that is why I feel a tad bit of ANXIETY to start sewing!

I am off to take my two littlest girlies to get haircuts today, this Minnesota humidity is to hot for long hair!

What are you doing today?

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  1. Oh what a beautiful light! I hope they have the bigger ones fro you too. And those soaring ceilings! I remember you telling me at your old house that your 7ft ceiling felt claustrophobic at times...not anymore! Can't wait to see your new house and all the new fun finds to make your house a home! I have missed you too but could not be happier for you!


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