Thursday, July 14, 2011

the lo down

Well I did it, I drove an hour to visit Hunt and Gather.  And it was well worth it, it exceeded my expectations in all but one area. 

I knew pulling up, it was going to be grand.

There was so much to see, I was overwhelmed.  I couldn't focus.  Especially since I had Sophie.  I had to make sure she didn't break anything.  And Lauren and Portia kept saying....

Mom, look at this
Mom, look at this.
Mom, look at this!
Mom, look at this!

I finally had to say, STOP asking me to look at this, I want to look at things too!!!

See those big letters?  I bought a big yellow U.  Why a U?  They didn't have an R or a P.  And I fell in love with the U.  So what if it means nothing!  I love it!  There was an I and I may go back to get the I.  But maybe not, because I did not have a good experience with the vendor who checked me out.

Everywhere there were things I had to have.  But really how much can you spend and drag home?  My car certainly couldn't fit much.

There was a couple rooms with just letters.  I was in heaven.  I love letters, there were paper letters, plastic letters, letter cards, fabric letters, any kind of letter you can think of.

If you are in Minneapolis, you should go! 
My experience with the vendor has nothing to do with how great the store is.  And the owner wasn't there, so I'm sure she is great.  But it was bad enough that it makes me not want to go back.  Isn't that sad?   
That being said, there is some crazy awesome stuff there!

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