Monday, July 25, 2011

Our new house

Well here it is!  I do love the outside of our house, even the color.  I love that we are on a culdesac and there is no traffic going by.

I also love the hydrangea's out front.

My best friend's husband is building a deck for us, I am looking forward to drinking my coffee out there in the morning's.

It is REALLY high off the ground.  So the railing will be nice.  I am afraid of heights.

This is the view from the deck.  We are on a small lake and that is the dock with a couple of chairs on it and an umbrella.  The sun sets over the lake every night, it is so very pretty!  It does help my heart to see that.  Yes, that is a swamp between the house and the lake.  Oh well, maybe it will dry up some day.

The door to the deck.  I wish I had the house all decorated and ready to show you, but I don't.  My best friend (Rach) is coming over tomorrow morning, ~early~, for a coffee....then we will decorate!
Thank you Lord for girlfriends. Amen.


  1. PRUDY! YOUR HOUSE IS GORGEOUS and ADORABLE all rolled in one! It is so incredible...all of it! Oh and how I wish hydrangeas grew here in FL. They do but not for long. WAY TOO HOT! I am so excited to see the rest.

  2. Beautiful house...and gotta love a cul de sac...we have one too! Love your No Smoking sign above the door=)


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