Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hi long lost girlfriends!!!

Oh I do miss you, I know I say that every post lately, but I really do miss this world of blogging.

Today I am taking my 3 girls to Hunt and Gather in Minneapolis.  I've heard it's the bomb!!  I am searching for "cheap" (ya right) display pieces for The Creative Connection Event in the fall....
I'm scared to death I will have my bigger booth and then nothing to fill it with!!  I have wonderful ideas for banners and such, but will I have time to make them??? que music....

I have sewn 4 new bags, (pics later)   and have hung almost all my decor in the new house except for the really big things that hubby needs to help me with and he wants to do it NOW, yes right NOW while I'm typing....after he just heard me tell my girls we have to leave for Hunt and Gather by 9:30 and it's already 8:33 and I'm sitting in my jammies talking to you all... sigh.....

I will bring my camera to Hunt and Gather so you can be vicarious!

See ya soon!  Here is a cute vintage picture for you, this is my grandma.  Love this.  She's rockin' those shorts and curlers, isn't she??

BREAKING NEWS:    Sophie just came up to me and said....Can I say poophead?  I said NO you can't say that!!  She bursts into tears, then I look at her and she is carrying her pillow pet.  OOOOHHHHH!!!
Can you bring pillow pet??  Yet...(yes) she says.  Yes Pillow Pet can go to Hunt and Gather with us, I say..  hopefully it can take a nap in the car when we arrive.


  1. Have fun! Hope you find lots of great deals!

  2. I cannot wait to go to Hunt and Gather this september!!! Have lots of fun! Love your grandma in that pic=) And your poophead comment story was so funny...my boys would have probably stuck their tongue out at me instead=)
    Happy hunting and gathering girl!


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