Friday, July 1, 2011

Defining Chaos

Really, what is the definition?  I imagine it is moving into a new home in a new state.  Wait I do have my dictionary unpacked and right here......
Chaos: a state of utter confusion or disorder.  YES!  that describes it perfectly.  We have seemed to hit every bump along the way, but I am still grateful and in awe of God's awesomeness!  We drove out to Minnesota in a motorhome with our 3 girls and our two big dogs.  Motorhomes are not my fave nor are dogs in a confined space, especially when they shed and happen to get wet.  More on our trip next time, today I wanted to show you a few pictures of when we FINALLY arrived in Minnesota...

OH happy day when I saw the Minnesota sign!

Our boys flew to MN early to start jobs and unload two trailers we sent out early.  Hubby and I decided since we had the wood floor refinished and sawdust was EVERYWHERE, we would have a cleaning company go in and give the house a good scrub.  It was a foreclosure and the previous owners did a lot damage before they left, so a thorough cleaning was in order.

I arrived thinking I was going to be able to go right in and unpack since the cleaners did the hard work for me.  WRONG, I got in the house and literally burst into tears, the kitchen was disgusting, sawdust in every cupboard, caked on food in every cabinet.  The cleaners had been there 3 times already!  We had them come back a 4th time, and they still didn't do a good job!  We won't be paying them. 
So I called my sister to let her know we were in town and had a mini breakdown and told her I was on my way to Target to buy cleaning supplies to clean.

She came right over to help and we spent the next 4 hours scrubbing the kitchen and unpacking kitchen stuff.

And this is the crew that helped us our first day.  All my nieces and nephews, my sister and her husband and my dad and his wife.  We ordered some pizza's for dinner.  Not everyone is in the picture.

Thank you Lord for sisters.  We sat down on the dock for a rest.  It is so good to see my kids play with their cousins.

My niece, Jenna, and Portia.  Catching snails in the lake.

I sure do miss my bloggy friends, I hope to start reading your blogs again soon!  I feel such a sense of urgency to start sewing again.  I only have 2 months till The Creative Connection Event and I MUST GET SEWING!!
But I don't feel like I can sew until my house is in order.

And it's not......

This is our dining room, which is where I'll be sewing.  We have way to much stuff, which seems crazy.  This house is a bit bigger than the farm, but much less storage space.  I have to have a garage sale!

Ok, I must continue unpacking and organizing!  Please tell me what you have been up to??


  1. Oh my friend...moving always does bring it's surprises... I feel for you in the cleaning department! We are moving July 21st to a new home....hope and pray it is clean or else I think I will be joining you in the tear department.

    I know you will love your new home once all the hard work is done. HUGS

  2. Oh...I totally relate!! How disappointing and exhausting to find so much to do in a home you already have so much to do in!! So glad you are blessed to have your sisters...I feel the same about mine! Can't wait to see you at TCC=) Hang in'll start feeling like home by then!


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