Tuesday, July 26, 2011

15 years

Every year during this time of summer, I am very sad.  I don't think I realize why until July 26 hits and I remember, oh ya, my mom died 15 years ago today at 8:30pm. 

I have already wrote about that day here.  Last night I went down and sat on our dock, alone.  It was so nice and peaceful and beautiful.  I read a book for a while and I talked to Jesus for a while.  The sky was so blue and there were white fluffy clouds.  I could almost feel how wonderful it will be someday when I see Jesus and my mom again! 

Have a glorious day!


  1. I was reading your post from last year and I can so relate to your feelings about your mom. This year will be 7 years since my Mom passed away and it's so hard to believe, yet seems like so long ago.

  2. Those dates always bring back the memories...thinking of you...your post made me think of the song with the words..."Oh glorious day..."

  3. When I read your post today, I had never heard another person say the exact feeling I have every September, a sadness comes over me and a smell is in the air...and then I remember the day my mom died.It was so many years ago, I was only 19, but every year its the same feelings. It gives me peace to know she is whole and with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for sharing the beautful tribute to your mom. You were so blessed to enjoy her for so many years,so happy she got to meet your hubby and children. I believe you will see her again in God's time.

    xo Glad


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