Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today's Walmart trip & photo's from my b-day drive.....

This is my son's vintage Toyota wagon.  Yes, loving vintage runs in the family.  Nic finally got the wagon running, so we took it to Walmart this morning.  Nic is my grocery shopping buddy.  I said "Nic, take a picture of me by your car and I'll try to be like on Price is Right."

We are ready!  I've got my ruffle Lollibag and my iced grande nonfat latte from Starbucks.  My brother-in-law sent me starbucks cards for my birthday. :)
Thanks Jeff!

Gotta tell ya, I rolled up into Patricia's lane today on lane 14, the only one open.  And she was no nonsense!  Loved her!  No talking, just smiled, and before you know it we were out of there.

Back at the wagon, loading up.  Not very many groceries today, since I just went to Costco.

On my birthday I went out to run errands and took some photo's.  Here is Sophie ready to go with her sunglasses on.  It was a beautiful sunny day!

First stop was Starbucks where I saw this vintage Chevy Impala car!

Next stop was the sewing machine store to pick up Laurens sewing machine that was in for repair.  Right next to the store is a locksmith, and I look longingly at his old wooden sign every time I go.

After the  -I -  there is the rest of the word, and a great wooden key above it.

I love the steep pitch on this roof and the scallops around the dormer window, you probably cannot see them from this photo, but the details are wonderful.

I drive by this old bus often and think how fun it would be to fix it up and paint it pink and take my girls on road trips to flea markets, thrift shops and vintage sales.

This is what I see driving home, I think growing up in Minnesota, there were never any hills or mountains, only flat lands and corn fields.  So when we moved to Oregon, I thought it felt like I was on vacation everyday seeing all these hills and mountains.  I still feel that way when I see the Coburg Hills, they are so pretty.  My barn is the tan one with the gray roof in the middle.  Not quite the old red barn I dream of, but I can't complain.

It was such a beautiful sunny birthday!

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