Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Lesson......

Oh will I ever learn???  I think at least my times of repentance come more quickly after I open my big mouth...  My hubby just took me to costco.  We were in line checking out, and I started chatting with the cashier... Her manager came up and told her something.  She started joking with me about the "manager".  I said ya and he's a "man". 
Here comes my man issues again.
She said you have to pretend like they come up with the ideas to make them feel good.  I said well why should I dumb myself down to make him feel better.  (yikes, did I really say that?)
So then my hubby walks up to us and she said oh shhhhh.  I said hey I thought you were my sister!  She comes around and hugs me, so sweet.  And starts chatting with hubby.

As she is chatting with hubby, she turns around and mouths to me "he really loves you".    I smiled and had tears in my eyes, trying not to let anyone see.  I'm already feeling the guilt, why can't I be positive and loving right from the start?
We started walking out and my hubby tells me, she lost her husband at 40 and she is spending valentines day alone.
She is spending valentines day alone.  I had to say that to myself a couple times.  She lost her husband.. and is spending valentines day alone... and she gave ME a hug!  Wow, I want to be more like that.

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