Friday, February 19, 2010

Today is my birthday

So last night as I was making potato fries and baked beans, I decided to make an apple pie too!  I usually use Pillsbury ready made pie crusts.  But I had bought a box of Krusteaz pie crust mix.  So I made that up and they turned out great, but there is a chemical flavor to it I don't like.  But still a light flaky crust from a box is good.
Then I noticed on the box that it contained tree nuts, so Sophie could not have any.

It was so good, I used my best friends recipe she sent me a few years ago.  I only had three granny smith apples too, so it turned out pretty good for only three apples.  I was supposed to have 6 cups of apples...

I think it is so dark inside because I added extra cinnamon.  So my hubby and I had apple pie last night while we were watching Survivor and it was nice and warm.  I thought, oh I'll let it cool for a while then put it in the fridge.

Well I woke up this morning on my birthday and saw the pie still sitting out!  I forgot!
This would be something I would call my mom and say hey can I still eat this if I forgot it out?  Does it need to be refridgerated?  But I can't call heaven.
So if anyone wants to tell me the answer to this I'd appreciate it! 
 I am very bacteria phobic when it comes to food.  I will not eat leftovers past two days, I don't let food sit out after dinner.  I would NEVER in my life eat mayo at a picnic, sitting in the sun, even if it is on ice!

So NO ONE remembered my birthday this morning.  Not one of my 5 kids or my hubby.  I thought for sure I was going to get to pout about it all day and feel sorry for myself.  At the last minute, my second son Nic, checked his e-mail and noticed the date.  So he sounded the alarm.... lucky my hubby had a gift stashed in the boys closet!
Here it is

A lovely 6 qt. crockpot!  I love it!  I am going to make huge meals for my family.  I am going to be a crockpot cookin' mama!  My old one was hunter green and white with awful flowers all over it, and small.  I've used it to death!  I had looked longingly at these babies at the store, but thought, oh Prudy you cannot buy a new crockpot yours works just fine.
So thank you honey, I love it!

Oh by the way I am 38 today, I never thought I would reach the age of 38.  Back when I was 21 I never thought I'd reach the age of 28!  I also never thought I'd have babies past the age of 25, that was my cut off date for babies.  God certianly like to spice things up doesn't He?
I am looking forward to seeing what is in store for me today!


  1. Awesome crockpot!!! You can eat the apple pie you left out, I cover mine and then let it sit on the counter over night, no problem.

  2. Happy Birthday.I would have eaten the pie!Love the crockpot!

  3. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, MY FRIEND! = ) I just posted pics from my Birthday last week on my blog! Come check it out! And MAN! I wish I GOT a crock like that! I actually thought if I got money for my birthday this year THIS is EXACTLY what I was going to get...but ALAS no! = ) But I am going to get...Fix It and Leave It Cookbook... AMAZING! have you seen this thing?




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