Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ode to Pringles and Chocolate Chips

OH how I love Pringles! I never buy them because I love them so.  I know they will just take up residence on my hips.

My hubby threw them in the cart while we were at Costco.  So I have been eating them non-stop since Sunday.  My favorite flavor is original.  And they are even better when you add some chocolate chips.

See?  They are like best buddies!  And they taste oh so good together!  This is my costco size bag of chocolate chips, whom I also love.  AND they are not processed in a plant that also processes peanuts, so that is helpful for Sophie's peanut allergy. 

But really I just finished a new Lollibag and this one was emotionally trying, so Pringles helped me through and I am still eating them as we speak.

4 down 46 to go.....

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  1. Looooooove the bag. Geez, you keep outdoing yourself. And the chips and chips combo....I dunno. But...I have had potato chips with chocolate fondue! Now THAT is tasty!


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