Friday, February 12, 2010

Home again, Home again...

It is good to be home again.  It was a great trip, seeing my hubby's family.  Aren't those flowers beautiful?  We bought those two bunches to leave on my hubby's grandparents grave.

  The beauty of Hawaii amazes me everytime I go.  I am so blessed to HAVE TO go there to see family.

I adore the beach and the ocean.  Ever since I was little I have wanted to pack up  and move to an island and live in a cottage by the beach.  The ocean is so mysterious to me, scary and beautiful.

I love to sit at the beach and watch and listen to the waves.  It is so calming and peaceful.  It's as if there is no other life I have when I am sitting there.  I watch and just say thank you Jesus.  Thank you for the beauty you have made.

I decided to be positive this post :)

We had our share of whoopsy's on this trip, like always.  But oh well...

And Sophie was a handful at times, well about all the time...

But I sit and look at my pictures and I don't remember when she cried nonstop on the plane on the way out.

I always beg my hubby.... Honey, can't we just pack up and move to Fiji?  The scary thing is, I would do it.  If he said yes, I would go.  But he is the voice of reason and I am the adventuror.

For instance, I would in a second, throw caution to the wind and buy this pair of Louboutin shoes I am so gently holding.  I would just charge it, knowing that somehow I would sell enough Lollibags to cover the shoes...

The $895 shoes with the red sole.  Now don't get me wrong.  I know what matters in life, and I know it is not material possessions.  But a girl can dream!

We bought shave ice instead :)

Okay, so I'm going to go sew Lollibags, like mad, not for the red soled shoes, but to pay for groceries at Walmart next week!

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  1. Prudy, you are so cute! This makes me wanna go back to Maui and buy some red soled shoes too. Maybe someday.


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