Friday, January 8, 2010

A Vintage Pastime

Coffee..  When I was little my mom would always go out with her mom and sister for coffee.  Or go to their house for coffee.  If we went out with Grandma for coffee, it was always at Perkins or Bakers Square for coffee and pie.  I would just sit in the booth and watch my mom and Grandma drink coffee and my Grandma eat pie.
I wish I remembered what they talked about. I bet it was the same thing I talk about with my friends.  When I moved to Oregon 7 1/2 years ago I met two wonderful friends and we started "doing coffee" once a week.  Denise has the espresso machine, so it is always at her house.  Well last year we all got so busy, that we didn't do coffee for about 6 months it seems. 
Today we had coffee, and it was a RELIEF.  I didn't realize how much I missed it!  Or how much I needed to cry a little.  I shed a few tears before Heidi got there, usually if one starts crying , we all start crying...There is nothing like girlfriends.

It's funny cuz I don't do anything with Denise outside of coffee, I mean I consider her a good friend, but we don't hang out or call each other.  But when we "do coffee", I consider both Denise and Heidi, my best friends, we can talk about anything, act silly, cry, or just sit there and stare at each other.  We have gone through pregnancies, a miscarriage, unemployment, home selling, home building, mother/mother in law problems, marriage troubles, a runaway teen, the list goes on...

I don't know when it started but we used to take girls trips, the 3 of us, driving to Portland, for a weekend of shopping, we would stay at the same boutique hotel everytime, and eat at the same Japanese sushi place, the first night we arrived.  Oh how I miss those girls trips.  It was truly rejuvenating! I started a photo album with girl trip only photos, there is not near enough photo's in there.  Somehow with the economy and each of us adding one more child to our families, the trips fell by the wayside.

I most appreciate about coffee is that we can talk about anything, and when we find were becoming to negative, someone will say, hey guys, lets remember how blessed we really are!  I am truly thankful that I am able to be a stay at home mom and that allows me to be able to "do coffee".
So tell me girls, do you "do coffee" with anyone special?


  1. Nope but what an amazing idea! I think I might try an open house coffee thing for friends once a month and invite a bunch a people to see who comes. What do you think? I love the idea of just chatting it up with girlfriends over coffee in a cozy, home setting. Love it.


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